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Open a world of profitable opportunity

Camilla’s professional service firm business was thriving.  She has a great team, however we conducted a SWOT analysis on the business as part of the Impetus Program with her General Manager and without her being present.  The results were astonishing for Camilla.  We uncovered several threats we could turn into major opportunities for the the business and transformed her […]

Boost turnover fast

Edward’s professional service business had reached a glass ceiling, in they wanted to grow but were bursting under pressure and a need for structure, delegation and means to grow safely and strategically. Through Impetus, they learned that they didn’t all share the same vision for the business. That they hadn’t considered how to use laterals to leverage their business […]

Unleash your full potential

John’s membership business had a great reputation, but the business had not pulled the team together to share ideas on its future. In only one day, Impetus helped them develop a strategy across Australia and into Asia, set financial and membership targets, and identified the need for a national technology-based service team.  It promoted and initiated a complete review […]

$100M no longer just a dream

John’s entrepreneur dream for a $100m business was only a dream when the Impetus program was introduced to him.   Impetus allowed him to create the business he really wanted. It was demanding work, but it pulled his dreams into a structured plan of action. It identified distribution relationships, the need and tools to select new business partners, and even brought […]

From SME to $35M in 5 years

Karen’s retail business had been a home hobby business for some years, and it was time to take it up a level. Impetus opened its horizons into firstly identifying how it could reach its annual revenue in 90 days to fund its growth, and then created a new future for the business as a leading specialist in international safety using digital marketing, […]