So you want to be a coach?

So often I get asked “how do I commercialize my coaching business”. I come across so many people nowadays who want to be, or are a coach. Most have little experience.

But in fact, they don’t really want to be a coach. What they really want is to stand in transformation, to help people have epiphanies and those AFA moments, to help people find out what excites them because that is one of the most rewarding things that is known to us in this present time. And of course, they get to work on themselves at the same time. It is a dopamine release and it is addictive.

So when I’m asked about how can I train more coaches or how can I scale a coaching business, or how can I help more people become more coaches to develop more coaches to develop more coaches, I tell them: don’t.

What I tell them is the purpose of a coach is actually to find joy in awakening. So how about if you could find joy in something that mattered to you, in being the change you want to see in the world and use your coaching skills to achieve this?

What if you identified a bigger purpose rather than chasing the ‘transactional’ transformation and the money. What if you could pull together a plan and a team who shared your values, and coached them, your clients, your suppliers and led them to a transformation of much greater scale? What is the impact that you would like to make or you would like to see and, perhaps even, leave as a legacy behind you?

Coaching is a wonderful skill, but it’s just a skill. And you need more than one skill in life, let alone to bring about a transformation of a planet! Bringing coaching into a business you own, using it in influence to help people believe in themselves and to believe in the journey, to find their values and find what resonates is the ultimate gift that a coach can give.

So I’d encourage you in this time of transformation and opportunity to find out what your bigger picture really is, and then, give yourself permission to go there. Whilst coaching leans into what excites you now, there’s a bigger picture and your coaching skills are invaluable for you to step into it.

What makes your flame burn bright? Acquire the business skills to make sure that the business challenges do not dull your flame, and learn how to safely mobilize at a grander scale than you can possibly do on your own with zest, vitality, presence, and love. Turn your dream into a vision characterized by goals, supported by strategies, backed by a plan, and measured with accountability as you pivot along the way. Transformation is easier and way more fun as a team not an island.

Then you have become more than a coach; you are a manifestor, a creator, an influencer, a leader and change agent, and as you get more runs on the board and more ground traveled, a mentor for others, as well as a consultant too in the skills that you have learned. The richest form of a coach is one that is also a mentor and a consultant – one that has also done it before. Push your boundaries of learning and walk the path yourself.

The richest accolade is not to facilitate the change, but to be the change you want to see in the world.