Is Time Your Friend ? 

To be an Authentic Entrepreneur we have to nurture time as our friend and potential lover.

So often in life you hear the words,’ I don’t have the time!’
I don’t have the time to help you. I don’t have the time to listen to you! I don’t have the time to get it done in the time you want!
Beneath the words coming out of someone’s mouth I also hear a victim full of disempowerment and complaint.
And you know, what we’re actually saying is something completely different.

What we are really saying is that we have already made decisions about how we want to spend our time and that we are now shut down to any alternatives.   We have filled all our time with being busy and we are not open to listening to any alternatives.  Many of us pay lip service to being polite (aka wanting to look good and avoiding looking bad) and we tolerate the conversation for a minute. Some of us even get quite stressed considering any more additions to our very busy schedules.  Some even share that stress as if it was the last straw to break the camels back.

Do you have time to read on now for something that will change your relationship with the most important asset in the world, or are you shut down and too busy to change your relationship with Time?

Recently, I was talking to a friend of mine who said they were too busy and they didn’t have the time to commit to an hour long business strategy session though  struggling with some serious business issues right now.

I suggested:  “So if Richard Branson approaches you today, and offers you a 4.5 million dollar deal and wishes to include your business  on a project entirely congruent with your business values and mission, would you tell him you don’t have the time?”

He hesitated.  Well, of course, he would have the time, and  would clear his current schedule. He was so caught up in the story that he had no time that he was shut down to possibility but he was equally attached to his story of scarcity, in this case, around time.

So when you say you “don’t have the time”, be careful.

You could be shutting yourself down to the flexibility of mind and body that we all also need to maintain to be successful entrepreneurs.  Make sure that you are always on the look out for new ways of thinking and doing which keep you and your business on trend and up to date.   Watch out as you say ‘no I am too busy” that you are not shutting down the possibility of making a more strategic decision. Are you pretty attached to where you find yourself now, not what  could be possible in the future?

I often hear that swift response from someone as a subtext of  “I’m not open,  I’m not listening, I’m bunkering down, and please don’t disturb me!”

So what’s the alternative?

The practice of being an Authentic Entrepreneur is as much about bringing rigor to truth telling with ourselves and how we relate to others.

Ask yourself : Is my time well spent? Am I in the practice of being busy? What am I disconnecting from?  Am I hiding something from myself?

Certainly continue with a laser focused single vision on the one task at hand that is the hardest and biggest.  The one thing that you would love to complete today. Choose the one thing that makes you FEEL good, and complete it.  But be open to what else arises.

When you listen to others, ask yourself, could this conversation manifest an opportunity beyond my present reality, with me staying on purpose with my dreams and aspirations?

Time is the most precious thing available to you on this planet. You cannot take it with you, you cannot buy it, and you cannot speed it up or slow it down. It is a gift to value as your friend, and make smart, empowering and expansive decisions, to find your purpose, build a tribe, and find daily fulfillment whilst you enjoy your contribution.

Time is your friend and a gift that you can fill with what you want and what you don’t yet know you want!

So how about today you choose to set your relationship with time to one that is generous, that is kind, and expansive. You welcome or approach people with respect, curiosity and interest, because the universe has bought them to you; there could be just a little spark or inspiration arising from the conversation that inspires the creation of a new strategy for you way above and beyond your current frame.

Love time as your friend, even potentially as your lover.  Time is the keeper of your secrets, your ally and and asset, not a burden and scarcity and its gift of contribution and observation to you; as you journey with it on this planet.

And catch yourself next time! lol.