I Am in Awe

James Windeyer
Creative Director at Cure Creative

“I met Matt via a networking event and connected with him last year, being impressed by his experience and the evident rapport that we had.

Recently, I have experienced a personal crisis of enormous proportions that affected my home, career, mindset and vocation all at once. After sitting in this for 6 months I decided to call Matt by video conference.

Matt patiently listened to my story for an hour. In the next hour, he re-packed it a totally different way for me, drawing out conclusions and next steps that I had never seen, and created a shift in me the likes I have never felt before. In only 1 hour, he has helped me create a strategy to save my marriage, create a new lifestyle, enable me to find my conviction and leadership again, and gain me a business strategy to produce an income way beyond recent experience. He has flipped the direction of my life and I am in awe.

Matt connected with me with a balance of sensitivity, compassion, respect and when necessary, fierce assertiveness. I would recommend him to anyone who wants an immediate improvement in life, relationships or business.”

James was Matt’s client, December 7, 2016