A Career Crossroads…

Cheryl Richardson
NT Manager of Lockton and Origin Insurance Brokers

I first met Matt in the late nineties in his role as Underwriting GM at Law Cover. Always impressed with his business acumen, I was interested to hear of his Invigour business venture several years ago, and fortuitously received an invite from Matt to participate in a personal coaching session at just the right time.
I was at a cross-roads professionally and uncertain as to which direction to take. In that very first session, through Matt’s gentle and measured (and sometimes confronting!) prodding and questioning, he helped me find clarity as to what I needed to do. His enthusiasm to help me be the best I can be and to better utilise the skills and knowledge I had developed over the years, was inspiring and strangely elicited in me a sense of duty to not let him down.
I soon made the necessary changes and in a new position with a new company re-engaged with Matt for strategic advice on positioning myself and my new venture in the market. He has expertly guided me in transforming my approach to my business and prospecting from transactional to value based approach and I have not looked back. And I continue to grow utilising the tool-kit Matt has equipped me with.

I highly recommend Matt for individuals and businesses looking for strategy and clarity around their goals and vision. He is passionate about wanting you to succeed and to take the most value from his sessions.

Cheryl was Matt’s client October 7, 2016