Leveraging Business To Get Faster Results For Less Work

Andrew Millard


“Matt is an inspirational person I met some years ago. As an entrepreneur it can be difficult managing yourself, your business, staff and your overall strategy. It can be easy to lose perspective of the big picture when constantly bombarded by daily issues.

Matt’s guidance has seen my organisation determine a strategy going forward with not just SWOT analysis but incorporating the results into legal documents and plans that safeguard exposure to risks and create a path that is the most effective way forward. This has leveraged my business in the most efficient manner to get results faster for less work. 

Matt also has a lot of experience in negotiation and deal making. His techniques and skills have added invaluable techniques to my skill set that again will maximise the potential of my business when it comes time to do deals that are in a range I have not operated in before. 

I can highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to build or accelerate their business in the future.”

Matt worked with Andrew in May 13, 2016