A Most Valued and Exceptional Professional Relationship

James Walker

A well respected insurance broker with broad experience.

My professional relationship with Matthew is one of my most valued and exceptional. 

Matthew has been a client of mine for over 10 years. In that period, I have evidenced Matthew achieving a number of successful outcomes the most notable of which was his restructuring of the national supply of Top- up insurance to the legal profession. 

In conducting our global search for insurance markets, Matthew showed resilience and innovation in his approach and spearheaded the settlement of an exceptional submission which we collegiately presented to underwriters globally and with success. Many of these underwriters had been sceptical when approached due to the apparent adverse trends in Australia. Matthew and I were able to assuage this scepticism. 

Following the success in having created what was to become the leading lawyers professional indemnity insurance facility in Australia, Matthew had the vision to support and convert this facility in 2008 into an insurance product underwritten by an APRA approved insurer. 

Matthew’s skills included in particular; his structured and resilient approach to challenges, an ability to present to insurers succinctly, his ability to nurture and sustain strong professional relationships and his ability to participate proactively as either a member of teams or as a leader of teams. 

James was a consultant or contractor to Matt at Invigour Pty Ltd on March 6, 2016