Open a world of profitable opportunity

Camilla’s professional service firm business was thriving.  She has a great team, however we conducted a SWOT analysis on the business as part of the Impetus Program with her General Manager and without her being present.  The results were astonishing for Camilla.  We uncovered several threats we could turn into major opportunities for the the business and transformed her GM’s relationship to her job from troubleshooter to rainmaker in a two hour session.

Before this session Camilla really didn’t know what motivated her staff, didn’t know how untargeted her business was and did not know that her engagement letters with her clients lacked clarity – no idea that this one major strand of her client relationship was so fragile.  She was not aware that her staff felt that all IT maintenance fell on them first and the tension that this created with them .   In our first session we identified how to increase revenue from $500K to $6m over a 5 years period, identified that they were saving some clients 50% on their tax liabilities, and that their client engagement could be tripled and extended to a minimum 2 year engagement. Catherine learnt how to identify who were her top 100 hot leads & how to turn them into a 90 day monetisation plan.